Leaving a bequest in your Will is your chance to leave a lasting legacy that will help the Deaf community for years to come.

What do I need to do in order to make a bequest?

When you have decided to make a provision in your Will for Deaf Aotearoa you can either include Deaf Aotearoa in a new Will or add a codicil in favour of Deaf Aotearoa to an existing Will.

Because of the importance of your Will we recommend you get a lawyer to do this for you.

How do I leave a bequest?

To make or update an existing Will, contact a solicitor, trustee company or public trustee and let them know that you want to leave a bequest to Deaf Aotearoa.

The following standard wording may be useful:

I give and bequeath to Deaf Aotearoa Holdings Limited (specify gift) ............... free of all charges and to be used where most needed. The official receipt from Deaf Aotearoa Holdings Limited will be sufficient acknowledgement of having received this gift.

Ways you can help Deaf Aotearoa in your bequest

  • Gift the amount left over from your estate once you have provided for loved ones.
  • Provide a percentage of your estate to Deaf Aotearoa.
  • Leave a fixed amount of money to Deaf Aotearoa.
  • Leave specified items or property to Deaf Aotearoa.
  • Gift a life insurance policy to Deaf Aotearoa.

What will Deaf Aotearoa use my bequest for?

The bequests we receive are used according to the wishes of the donor, as far as possible. Most bequests are made for the general purposes of Deaf Aotearoa allowing us to use your gift wherever it is needed most at the time.

If you wish to tag your bequest for a specific purpose rather than for general Deaf Aotearoa purposes, we recommend you discuss this with Deaf Aotearoa before you complete your Will. This will ensure your gift can be used in the way you intended.

Contact us for more information

If you wish to discuss leaving a bequest to Deaf Aotearoa please contact us.

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