The NZSL Tool Kits are a comprehensive educational resource designed for learners of all ages to gain an introduction to NZSL.

The Kits are available in either a Part One (three introductory) or Part Two (ten intermediate) 45 minute lessons following an easy to use and interactive DVD.

The NZSL Tool Kits are a comprehensive teaching programme covering either three (introductory) or ten (intermediate) 45 minute lessons following an easy to use and interactive DVD.

It was developed by Deaf Aotearoa and Kelston Deaf Education Centre for NZ Schools to encourage the next generation to learn NZSL.

Although the Kits are primarily aimed at students in Years 5 & 6 (9 – 11 yrs old), learners of all ages can order the kits and benefit from the simple and clear learning style of the lessons.

They are a perfect option for people who want to learn NZSL but can only do so by distance learning.

Home schooled children, individuals, day care centres, primary schools and high schools have all benefited from learning NZSL via the Tool Kit.

There are two Kits:

Part One – Introductory (3 lessons) which covers:

  • NZSL alphabet
  • Numbers
  • Colours
  • Introductions in NZSL
  • Simply vocabulary and sentences

 Part Two – Intermediate (10 lessons) which covers:

  • Feelings
  • Family
  • Weather/Seasons
  • Technology
  • Games

Both kits also include numerous support tools:

  • 3 or 10 lesson DVD
  • Teaching Plan with additional activities
  • Educational resources
  • Alphabet fingerspelling cards
  • Certificate of completion for students

Deaf Aotearoa suggests starting with Part 1 first to gain a foundational knowledge of NZSL and grammar before embarking on the more challenging Part 2 Tool Kit.

The Tool Kits are available year round and can be purchased through Deaf Aotearoa. Order your kit today

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