Do you work in the medical profession? Here are 25 signs you can use in your workplace to communicate with Deaf people.

You can also download the Let's Talk booklet below.


Click on the word to watch a video showing you how to sign that sign.

  • Afraid — I am afraid.
  • Angry — I am angry because I have been pressing the buzzer for a long time.
  • Appointment — An appointment has been made for you to go for an x-ray on Monday.
  • Blood Pressure
    • We need to take your blood pressure. This won't hurt.
    • You blood pressure is high.
  • Cold — I am cold. Can I have another blanket please.
  • Doctor — The Doctor will see you soon.
  • Feel
    • How do you feel?
    • That doesn't hurt but it feels uncomfortable.
  • Hot — I am really hot.
  • Hungry — Are you hungry?
  • Ill — I feel really ill.
  • Injection — I need to give you an injection. You will feel a little prick. Please roll up your sleeve.
  • Interpreter — Do you need an interpreter?
  • Medicine — Are you on any medication?
  • More — I need more pain killers/pain relief.
  • Nurse — Do you want to see the Nurse?
  • Pain
    • I am in pain.
    • Are you in pain?
  • Tablet
    • You can have another tablet at 2pm.
    • You need to take your tablets twice a day with food.
  • Therapist — As well as seeing the doctor, you will see a therapist for treatment to your leg.
  • Thirsty — I am really thirsty. can I have some water please.
  • Time — Your appointment is at (time) 10:30am.
  • Tired — I am tired, but cannot sleep.
  • Vomit — I feel like I am going to be sick (vomit).
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