Learn 25 words in New Zealand Sign Language that you can use at work, with your workmates, or even the boss. These signs will come in useful at work.

You can also download the Let's Talk booklet below.


Click on the word to watch a video showing you how to sign that sign.

  • Are you alright? — Are you alright? Can I help?
  • Boss/Manager — My Boss is the CEO.
  • Break — It’s time for a break now.
  • Chat — Let’s have a chat about this.
  • Coffee — Let’s meet for a coffee.
  • Computer — My computer isn’t working.
  • Email — What’s your email address?
  • Finish — The meeting will finish at 12pm.
  • Good morningGood morning, how are you?
  • Good on youGood on you! That looked awesome!
  • Google — I will google the answer.
  • Lunch — I forgot my lunch.
  • Mate — My workmate is very skilled.
  • Meet — Nice to meet you.
  • Meeting — Our meeting is at 10am.
  • Money — How much money would we need to invest?
  • Paper — The photocopier has run out of paper.
  • PleasePlease come to my office.
  • Read — I need to read the report.
  • SorrySorry I forgot.
  • Tea — Do you have sugar in your tea?
  • Text — Please text me to confirm.
  • Thank youThank you for your hard work.
  • Toilet — Where are the toilets?
  • Work — I love working here.
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