Learn 25 words in New Zealand Sign Language that you can use in your social environment. Whether it be at the bar, playing sports, or shopping, these signs will come in handy!

You can also down the Let's Talk booklet below.


Click on the word to watch a video showing you how to sign that sign.

  • Art — I love going to art markets.
  • Beer/Bar — I love NZ beer / I love drinking at bars.
  • Bicycle — I bought a new bicycle, it was expensive.
  • Dinner — Do you want to come over for dinner?
  • Facebook — Have you seen my holiday photos on Facebook?
  • Game Console — I bought a new Game Console!
  • Holiday — Did you have a good holiday?
  • Mountain — I went up the mountain last weekend.
  • Movie — Do you want to watch a movie with me?
  • Netball — The netball game last night was fantastic!
  • Party — My birthday party is this weekend.
  • Read — I love to read fashion magazines.
  • Relax — This weekend I plan to relax.
  • Rugby — I have tickets for the rugby final!
  • Rules — Can you explain the rules to me?
  • Run — I go for a run every morning.
  • Shopping — I want to go shopping and buy some new clothes!
  • Sports — What’s your favourite sport?
  • Swim — Do you swim?
  • Takeaways — We get takeaways once a week.
  • TextText me and we’ll organise dinner.
  • Walk — My dog loves going for walks.
  • *whoof* — That was a wicked (*whoof*) GOAL!
  • Win — We need to win tomorrow’s game.
  • Wine — This wine is fantastic!
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