Ever wanted to know some signs you can use with your family? Well, here’s your chance to learn 25 words in New Zealand Sign Language. These are sure to come in useful!

You can also download the Let's Talk booklet below.


It’s bath time now.

I’m having a BBQ tomorrow.

Have you brushed your teeth?

My sister has 2 children.

It’s a bit cold!

What would you like to drink?

I love eating cake / I don’t like food shopping.

I have a big family.

My father works in the factory.

Please put that back in the fridge.

Invite your friends over.

You have a lovely garden.

I have a blue house.

Please help me clean the kitchen/I love Cooking Asian food.

I will turn off the lights.

My mother works from home.

I have 3 pets.

You can play on the computer for one hour.

My house has 4 bedrooms.

She goes to sleep at 8pm.

Please set the table.

I love watching television.

Have you been to the toilet?

Please put away your toys.

Do you want something to eat?

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