NZSL Week 2019

Each May, Deaf Aotearoa runs New Zealand Sign Language Week, celebrating one of New Zealand’s official languages. NZSL Week raises awareness of New Zealand’s Deaf community and provides a platform for Deaf people to proudly promote their language and culture.

NZSL Week is always a busy and exciting time and this year was no different. Hundreds of free Taster Classes and dozens of events were held all over New Zealand, amd there are exciting and engaging resources always available online.

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What's NZSL?

NZSL is the natural language of Deaf New Zealanders and is used daily by more than 20,000 Kiwis. Rather than simply being a signed representation of spoken English, NZSL is a separate language, with its own structure and grammar.

What does Deaf Aotearoa do?

Deaf Aotearoa is a national organisation representing the voice of Deaf people, and the national service provider for Deaf people in New Zealand. Deaf Aotearoa also works closely with Deaf communities, government agencies and other organisations to increase awareness, promote NZSL and strengthen the rights of Deaf people. Deaf Aotearoa is the New Zealand representative member of the World Federation of the Deaf, one of 133 members. For more information, visit