Question 1: Why is Deaf Aotearoa looking at tending for the Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS)?

Question 2: Why has Deaf Aotearoa been doing presentations around the country on TRS technology?

Question 3: How did Deaf Aotearoa get involved in this?

Question 4: Will Deaf Aotearoa consult with the Deaf community on this tender?

Question 5: Who is Paul Buckrell and why is he involved?

Question 6: Where can I find more information about T-Meeting technology?

Question 7: How can Deaf Aotearoa advocate and provide services at the same time?

Question 8: If the Deaf community want something changed about the TRS service, will Deaf Aotearoa be bound by its contract specifications?

Question 9: What happens if a Deaf person isn’t happy with the TRS service if Deaf Aotearoa are managing it?

Question 10: What will happen to the profits that Deaf Aotearoa makes from the TRS?

Question 11: What will it cost for a Deaf person to use the TRS service?

Question 12: How will Deaf Aotearoa ensure the TRS service is of a high standard?

Question 13: Closing & any unanswered questions?

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