During 8th to 10th March 2013, the New Zealand Deaf community came together at the InterContiental in Wellington, New Zealand for a rare opportunity to learn, think, connect and share ideas over three days.

The first Deaf View conference was held in 1991 and the second held in 2004, both in Auckland. Much has changed since then. The Deaf community had grown and adapted with the many changes happening in New Zealand and internationally.

This Deaf View conference was an opportunity for the New Zealand Deaf community to come together to reflect on their progress, current issues and future directions. It provided a space to discuss the New Zealand Deaf community's journey — including their history, their current challenges their opportunities to ensure a strong New Zealand Deaf community into the future.

The conference theme was "Our changing community".

The exciting conference programme showed the depth and diversity of knowledge, skills and creativity in the Deaf community. There were two international keynote presenters: Colin Allen, World Federation of the Deaf President and Breda Carty, a well-known Deaf history researcher and a lecturer in Special Education.

The conference also included the Deaf Short Film Festival, showing Deaf films produced, directed and acted by members of the New Zealand Deaf community.


Keynote presentations

Deaf community: changing perspectives

New Zealand Sign Language issues

Deaf education issues

International Deaf perspectives

Māori Deaf and indigenous Deaf issues

  • Damara Paris and Tony Martin — Indigenous Deaf women
  • Kirsten Smiler — Māori Deaf children: Early intervention
  • Patrick Thompson — Māori Deaf issues (workshop)

Deaf youth issues

Special interest Deaf issues






  • Joanne Becker — Chair
  • Shannon Morris — Admin, social and youth
  • Bridget Ferguson — Marketing and exhibitions
  • Victoria Manning — Finance and programme
  • Sara Pivac Alexander — Design and website
  • Rachel McKee — Programme and interpreters
  • Mark Berry — Youth and social
  • Candice David — Youth and Social
  • Elinor Cuttiford — Interpreters

Committee photo (left to right): Victoria Manning, Elinor Cuttiford, Bridget Ferguson, Candice David, Sara Pivac Alexander, Shannon Morris, Joanne Becker and Mark Berry.

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You can download the Let's Talk booklet below.


You can download the Let's Talk booklet below:

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